URBAS has expanded its projection in the Senior and Healthcare segment and is adapting to the new demand needs, focusing on the digitalization of housing, digital healthcare and the development of senior residences, Senior Living / Housing.

Through its company FORTIA, URBAS is consolidating its national expansion in the geriatric residential sector in which URBAS expects to position itself as one of the main players in the sector by developing and managing more than 10,000 residential and socio-healthcare places until 2030.

At the same time, and from the R&D area, URBAS is designing a technological platform for digital services for home and residential hospitalization in connection with hospitals (uHealthCare) that will configure a new model of integrated social and healthcare management based on the concept of ‘hospital without barriers’.

The Spanish market offers unbeatable opportunities for continued sustainable growth in the Senior segment. To meet World Health Organization targets, Spain currently has a shortfall of more than 70,000 residential places; demographic trends will increase this shortfall by 11,000 places a year.