URBAS is improving results while restructuring its construction companies in an orderly fashion to streamline business and continue to grow. The 2023 fiscal year is part of the company’s new roadmap, focused the company’s new roadmap, focused on international activity and on the growth of the renewables business.


Closes a strategic contract with the AVISERRANO food group for the construction of several projects using this innovative technology.

residencias de Mayores


URBAS expands its projection in the Senior and Healthcare segment. Through its company FORTIA -specialized in senior residences, Senior Living and Senior Housing- URBAS is consolidating its national expansion in the geriatric residential sector after closing the acquisition of two senior residences.


URBAS closes the first month of the year with two new international projects. The first of these is the construction of almost 50 kilometres of two-way cycle infrastructure in the Colombian department of Cundinamarca and, also in Colombia, URBAS has won the public works contract for the construction of an elevated bridge on the Autopista Sur in Itagüí (department of Antioquía) which will allow continuous traffic on its six lanes without interference from traffic lights.


The listed company is one of the first foreign companies licensed to execute real estate projects in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi National Housing Company (NHC) qualifies URBAS as a qualified developer, valuing positively its capabilities and experience in real estate development. In total, 589 single-family homes with 5 to 7 bedrooms, between 270 and 320 square metres of constructed area, with estimated sales prices between 800,000 and 1,200,000 Saudi Rials.


Urbas has closed a strategic agreement with Club América de Cali to build the new ARENA AMERICA stadium with an investment of over 100 million dollars. URBAS has thus consolidated its position as one of the leading companies in the execution of megaprojects and unique buildings that require great specialisation and experience. Specifically, the ARENA AMERICA in Cali will have a capacity for 52,000 spectators, 260 boxes and a retractable roof and pitch in accordance with FIFA regulations for international tournaments.

Santiago del Valle


Santiago del Valle assumes his new responsibilities as COO to reinforce the growth process of the group and all its businesses (‘Real Estate Development’, ‘Infrastructures and Building’, ‘Energy and Industry’, ‘Services and Healthcare’).

ETL Global Spain como auditores de la compañía


URBAS will propose to its Extraordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting to be held on December 29th the appointment of ETL Global Spain as auditors of its accounts for the financial years 2023 to 2025.


Total revenue for URBAS amounts to more than 30.5 million euros after adding a 6.5 million euro subsidy from the Basque Government to promote affordable rental housing.


URBAS is strengthening its expansion in the region with Abyatona Development and Gamma Middle East. The joint venture’s business plan includes a first mixed-use project in Riyadh covering a total area of 1.8 million square meters for the integrated development of nearly 5,500 homes.


Stable and operational growth of URBAS: 151 million euros in sales and EBITDA up 24% to 18.3 million euros. With solid sales and EBITDA, operating profit up 41% to €14.1 million.


Both infrastructures are part of the railway megaproject carried out by URBAS in Bolivia with a budget of almost 450 million dollars, with a degree of progress of the works of more than 90%.


Major transaction in the build-to-rent market. URBAS sells to a European institutional investment fund for nearly 98 million euros two blocks of new build-to-rent housing in Isla Zorrozaurre, ‘the new Manhattan’ of Bilbao, the most important area of urban development and urban regeneration in the city in recent years.



The new roadmap is driven by international consolidation and strengthening, business diversification and organic growth. Turnover by business lines: 40% ‘Real Estate Development’, 22% ‘HealthCare and Services’, 21% ‘Energy and Industry’, 17% ‘Infrastructure and Building’. Revenues from international activity are expected to account for more than 50% by 2028.

Healthcare y servicios sanitarios


His objective will be to strengthen the company’s projection in the Healthcare (Senior Living, Senior Housing, residential and socio-healthcare centers) and Services (security, maintenance and cleaning) segments. URBAS is positioned in the Senior segment with a potential portfolio of 10,000 residential and socio-healthcare places until 2030.


After the award last year of the consultancy and engineering design FEED (Front-end engineering design) works for what will be the largest green hydrogen and ammonia plant in Latin America, ATOME now relies again on URBAS for its new green fertilizer production unit (CAN, Calcium Ammonium Nitrate) from renewable energy sources.


The contract includes the turnkey EPC execution of these seven plants, with a total installed capacity of 87.5 megawatts peak (MWp), located in the province of Veraguas, Corregimiento de San Barolo, District of La Mesa. URBAS underpins its international positioning in sustainable solutions and capitalizes on its experience in innovation and the entire renewable energy value chain, including green hydrogen, green ammonia and sustainable fuel projects that support the global energy transition.


Jaime Polanco assumes the position of Executive Vice President in the midst of URBAS’ expansion process to strengthen the implementation of the new development plan. In the current global context, his valued solvency and professional experience will be key to reinforce the group’s growth process, increase competitiveness and reach on an international scale, and strengthen institutional relations.


In defense of its interests and those of Abengoa itself, its employees and creditors, URBAS firmly maintains that its offer is by far the best to respond to the three major challenges of the Seville-based multinational: maintaining employment, business viability and creditors. Unlike the other bidders, URBAS is an established company with tangible experience and global reach, and with greater projection and capabilities to offer competitive and innovative solutions in global and diversified sectors such as water, renewable energies, sustainable fuels, infrastructure for decarbonization and efficient housing.


URBAS has presented its consolidated Financial Statements audited by Baker Tilly with an unqualified favorable report. The company has recorded in 2022 its best results to date, which are also the culmination of three years of expansion through the acquisition of companies with projection within the group. This strategy of diversified and profitable growth has made URBAS one of the global companies with the greatest projection and capabilities to offer competitive and innovative solutions in global and diversified sectors such as water, renewable energies, sustainable fuels, infrastructure for decarbonization and efficient housing.

Proyecto Bolivia 02


This operation is an alternative for the maintenance of a large part of the employment, the continuity of the activity and the viability of the business after the unsuccessful conclusion of the sale process of the Silos Córdoba Production Unit -in insolvency proceedings since January 2021- and which has led to the liquidation of the company and the collective dismissal of all its workers. Following the acquisition, new contracts have already been signed and will soon be executed in Portugal, Germany and Sri Lanka.


It purchases the Bolivian branch of the Swiss-German company Molinari, URBAS’ partner in the construction of the Cochabamba Train, and remains as the sole construction company for this mega rail project. At the same time, URBAS has held meetings and is in advanced talks to propose another turnkey contract with financing, with a high probability of being awarded directly, for the construction of the new “Metropolitan Train of Santa Cruz” budgeted at more than 1 billion dollars.

Cantera en Mula, Murcia


The Mula deposit is a great industrial opportunity for URBAS and will also mean the creation of more than 100 direct and indirect jobs. This quarry will be integrated in the group’s Industry area together with the Silán exploitation (Lugo), the feldspar mine with reserves worth 660 million euros, which already has all the permits from the Xunta de Galicia. URBAS’ experience in large infrastructure projects and its international positioning will strengthen the quarry’s export capacity in markets such as LATAM and the Middle East.



URBAS has signed an agreement with AECOM – a leading international engineering, architecture and sustainability company – to develop green hydrogen, green ammonia and sustainable fuels projects that support the global energy transition. Through this agreement, URBAS and AECOM position themselves as strategic partners to identify joint business opportunities and offer competitive integrated solutions on an international scale in hydrogen production and transformation projects, and the generation of synthetic and sustainable fuels, with a special focus on green methanol projects in Spain

URBAS cierra 2022


URBAS continues to grow in revenue and boosts turnover to 305 million euros, 50% more than sales a year ago. This record figure is supported by improved operating and financial efficiency generated by synergies from new acquisitions, cost optimization and the expansion of the business perimeter. URBAS’ strategy of orderly and sustainable growth is accelerating the company’s expansion and also explains the significant growth in revenues to bring EBITDA to €41 million, standing at 14% over revenues, and 58% higher than the EBITDA achieved in 2021. All this reflects the stable and operational growth of the group’s businesses, confirming the profitability of URBAS, the generation of value and the synergies achieved throughout 2022.

Firma Arabia Saudí y Urbas programa ‘Visión 2030’


URBAS has been qualified by the Saudi National Housing Company to develop projects of between 500 and 1,500 homes. At the same time, it is making progress in the joint venture created with ARKAL, the construction company of HRH Prince Sultan Sultan bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, to develop mega infrastructure projects.


With this program, the company reinforces its inorganic growth potential to make new acquisitions towards companies that generate synergies with its main activities. At the same time, URBAS will increase working capital, lower the cost of its debt and strengthen its investment and expansion capacity.

Concesión Feldespato Silan


The Xunta de Galicia approves the opening of the Silán deposit, in Lugo, with proven reserves of 12 million tons valued at 660 million euros. The initial forecast is to extract around 200,000 tons of feldspar per year, rising to 500,000 tons per year. The feldspar, once processed and refined, could reach a market price of 130 €/ton.

URBAS en Ibex Small Cap


URBAS has entered the Ibex Small Cap, the index prepared by Bolsas y Mercados Españoles, which brings together the 30 most outstanding listed companies with smaller capitalization and greater liquidity, immediately after the Ibex Medium Cap and the Ibex 35.

“We are frankly very pleased,” explains Juan Antonio Acedo, Chairman of URBAS, “I always stress that our goal is to reach 2025 in IBEX 35 numbers, and now joining the Ibex Small Cap is undoubtedly an important step in that journey, which will surely strengthen the visibility and monitoring of our stock”.


contrato de ingeniería en Paraguay


British multinational ATOME ENERGY chooses URBAS as FEED (Front-end engineering design) consultant for its new Villeta plant in Paraguay. This plant will become the largest green hydrogen and ammonia facility in Latin America based on 100% renewable energy. It will have an installed capacity of 120 MW for the daily production of 50 tons of hydrogen and 300 tons of ammonia in liquid form, ready to be transported and commercialized.

Urbas avanza en la gestión urbanística del Sector Oeste y ya ha comercializado la mitad de su superficie


The SUS-AE1 development in Meco takes the lead in the Corredor del Henares. It is the only pocket of developable land of a logistic industrial nature in Meco with approved planning. Urbas sells a package of land in the West sector for 25.5 million euros to an investment fund.

Luz verde de la CNMV a las últimas ampliaciones de capital de URBAS


With the approval of the regulator, new shares from the latest capital increases will be traded tomorrow for a value of 89 million euros. These capital increases will strengthen URBAS’ equity and financial structure, consolidate and reinforce its balance sheet structure, improve its financial ratios and cancel non-bank liabilities for a total amount of 112 million euros. In addition, the company’s liquidity in the stock market increased.

Presentación Resultados 1S 2022


Orderly growth strategy accelerates the company’s expansion: doubles revenues and reaches an EBITDA of 26 million euros. The listed company closes the first six months of the year with a profit of 17 million euros. The total asset value of the balance sheet stands at 1,176 million euros. The working capital improved by 14% to 533 million euros, which guarantees the financial stability and solvency of URBAS.

Presidente BOLIVIA - Presidente URBAS


Bolivia inaugurates the country’s first electric train and one of its largest infrastructures, the ‘Cochabamba Metropolitan Train’. The construction of this megaproject, with a budget of almost 450 million dollars, consolidates URBAS as a reference in advanced and sustainable infrastructures, also in high railway technology on an international scale.

centro de investigación Ikerbasque en San Sebastián


URBAS, through one of its construction companies, MURIAS, has been awarded the contract for the construction of the new Ikerbasque research center in Donostia-San Sebastian, Basque Foundation for Science, with a budget of 11.5 million euros. The 6,000 square meter center will be built over a period of two years and the works are expected to start before the end of the year.

Urbas compra CHR


The listed company accelerates its growth and adds to its current portfolio 1,000 more homes under construction with sales of almost 200 million euros. In this sense, the forecasts of URBAS’ business plan -which pointed to the delivery of 3,000 homes by 2024- are consolidated and even improved, increasing to more than 4,000 homes delivered by 2025.

URBAS desembarca en Arabia Saudí


Signs an agreement with ARKAL CONTRACTING COMPANY, a Saudi Arabian construction company, to set up a joint venture and develop the mega infrastructure projects of the ‘Vision 2030’ program with which Saudi Arabia wants to boost its economy and attract around 400,000 million euros in investments.


Adquisición de Ingeser


It currently has more than 120 projects under execution whose management exceeds 250 million euros of investment, and a team of about 70 professionals distributed in four offices in Spain, Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Valencia.


Isla Zorrozaurre


CIVISLEND finances the largest residential real estate crowdfunding debt project in Spain.

Benidorm Beach 4


A 36-story, 126-meter glass tower that will also have the highest residential swimming pool in Spain, 80 meters above the ground. URBAS is building this new-generation skyscraper for the developer Alibuilding through ECISA, one of its construction companies, a specialist in high-rise construction on a national and international scale.


Juan Antonio Acedo Presidente de URBAS


Urbas plans to double its revenues in 2022, to 400 million euros, driven by the execution of the real estate and infrastructure portfolio and by its commitment to growth in the international business.


Estrategias de Inversion


“Right now we have a subscribed capital of 437 million euros […] and we expect to have approximately 500 million subscribed capital stock before the end of the year. All this in order to continue strengthening the company’s balance sheet”.


Juan José Franco


The objective is to reinforce the group’s globalisation process, increase URBAS’ competitiveness on an international scale and broaden its projection in its strategic regions, especially in LATAM, the Middle East and Africa.



URBAS consolidates its position as a reference in advanced and sustainable hospital infrastructures, such as the Multipurpose Centre of the ‘Isabel Zendal Hospital’ in Madrid or the ‘New Onkologico’ in San Sebastián’

Urbas compra el 90% de Fortia Healthcare


URBAS has launched a new business area to develop residential and social healthcare centers in Spain focused on the senior segment. The goal is to reach 2,000 places in operation by 2025 and 5,000 by 2030.

Responsabilidad Social


URBAS shoots up results in 2021, quintupling profits to €66 M, representing an increase of more than 400%. Turnover has reached more than €200 M and EBITDA €26 M.

Juan Antonio Acedo


Urbas obtains 1.6 billion of its own shares under management, representing approximately 3.68% of its share capital. The company holds more than €20 M worth of treasury stock: “Positive news for the market, exceeding even the 0.8% average of treasury stock held by Ibex 35 companies,” emphasizes Juan Antonio Acedo, Chairman.

URBAS realiza las obras de interiorismo de la nueva sede corporativa de Metro de Madrid


URBAS, through the joint venture formed by two of its construction companies, ECISA and MURIAS, has carried out the interior design works of the new corporate headquarters of Metro de Madrid, with a budget of more than 4 million euros.

Urbas dispara un 400% beneficios en 2021


Following the consolidation of the new acquisitions and the expansion of the business perimeter, URBAS confirms in 2021 the achievement of positive results with profits of €66 M, a turnover of more than 200 M€ and an EBITDA of €26 M. Working Capital improved by 65% to almost €500 M.

Trabajo en equipo


Urbas signs Rafael Valenzuela to head the ‘Energy and Industry’ area and Daniel Navalón to head the ‘Infrastructures and Building’ area. Both join the business team led by Juan Antonio Acedo, Chairman of the company, and which is completed by Javier Prieto in the General Management of ‘Real Estate Development’.

Ciudad de Panama


URBAS is currently executing works globally worth 511 million euros, almost 30% of which is outside Spain. Latin America accounts for 65% of its international portfolio with significant projects underway in Panama, Colombia and Bolivia. In addition to LATAM, URBAS is also very competitively positioned in Portugal, Algeria and the United Arab Emirates.


URBAS enters and diversifies its activity in the segment of residences for the elderly, one of the assets with the greatest long-term growth potential in Spain. It will be responsible for the real estate development of the projects through the acquisition of the land, the construction and the complete execution of the turnkey projects that will be acquired by CPI through an additional agreement for their subsequent commissioning.

Urbas adquiere 'Alandulus'


URBAS thus improves the forecasts detailed in its Business Plan for build-to-rent housing by 45%. The company is is currently negotiating with several investment funds specialising in rental housing the sale of 50% of its total build-to-rent portfolio for a value of more than 100 million euros.

Foto Estrategias de Inversión 2


Juan Antonio Acedo, CEO of URBAS, presents its Business Plan to 2024, which includes major objectives such as reaching 826 million euros in 2024, multiplying by almost four times its turnover. He also details the plan for the distribution of dividends and what they expect from their new line of business in the world of renewable energies and self-consumption.


The growth in the Garellano area, one of the areas of Bilbao that has undergone the greatest renovation in the new urban redevelopment of the city.


The growth in turnover, the improvement in operating margin and a greater generation of free cash flow forecast the upward projection of URBAS, which is now in a solid position to drive forward its Business Plan. By 2025, it expects to reach a capitalisation of more than 2,000 million euros, more than 1,000 million euros in turnover and an EBITDA of almost 150 million euros.


Quamtium Venture indirectly holds 20.77% of the capital of URBAS and is controlled by its Chairman, Juan Antonio Acedo. Al Alfia Holding, owned by the Qatari royal family, took a significant stake in URBAS (4.85%) after the purchase of Ecisa.


The company leaves its complex in Calle Santa Cruz de Marcenado to move to the Gobelas 15 building in La Florida.


Este acuerdo reconfirma el compromiso y la estabilidad del Consejo de Administración de URBAS en beneficio de todos sus accionistas


In total, 180 homes out of a portfolio of 2,400 with which URBAS has positioned itself in the Basque Country.


The company advances in its growth and expansion strategy focused on creating value for its shareholders and investors.


Executes the photovoltaic installation of the Belvalle shopping center (Meco) with Barter Energy.


Assets that were encumbered as collateral are released through the cancellation of mortgage charges.


The company chaired by Juan Antonio Acedo multiplied by 12 its turnover to 85 million euros


Juan Antonio Acedo has managed to create a construction group with an aggregate portfolio of 1,168 million euros, which also allows synergies with real estate development, photovoltaic self-consumption, energy efficiency and mining.