The listed real estate company Urbas Grupo Financiero has started to develop the two projects planned in the portfolio of Murias, the Basque company it acquired in March.

Thus, the developer has been awarded the development where a new building complex will be built to house the future BAM Teaching School and a hospital for a well-known mutual, on a site belonging to the Diocese of Bilbao. 

The agreement reached between the Spanish group and the city’s bishopric will allow the rehabilitation of the historic building. The operation will be carried out in two different executions. 

On the one hand, Murias will build a new building that will house the traditional Begoñako Andra Mari (BAM) Teacher Training College, which will occupy some 7,000 square meters. In addition, it will centralize the rest of its services, such as the archive or the library.

On the other hand, a large hospital complex will be built for a recognized mutual in the remaining 6,000 square meters .

The purchase of Murias has allowed the listed developer to have the portfolio of projects planned by the Basque construction company, with an approximate value of 135 million Euros.