We are committed to sustainable solutions and are committed to renewable energy to achieve environmental objectives in the fight against climate change. Through Sainsol we have specialised in photovoltaic self-consumption, applying it to our own projects and those of third parties that we develop as a residential developer or construction company.

We have continued to advance in this line of business and now our objective is to consolidate our position as a key player in the global energy transition and to grow in self-consumption, storage, green hydrogen generation and the development of renewable projects, taking them to ready-to-build. We currently have 10 solar and wind power plant projects in Spain and Portugal with advanced permitting and the forecast is to develop 530 MW by 2024.

URBAS plans to grow in photovoltaic self-consumption, storage, hydrogen generation and development of renewable projects, until they become ‘ready to build’, selling or promoting them. We currently have 10 solar and wind plants in Spain and Portugal with advanced permitting and the objective is to develop 530 MW by 2024.

Ksilan is a deposit of potassium and sodium potassium feldspar considered by experts as one of the most important in Europe. The current probable reserves are estimated at 10 MM tons and possible reserves of around 50 MM tons. The exploitation of the deposit, which will be carried out in open pit, will last for several decades. Production will start with a forecast extraction of about 150,000 tons per year, and will increase with the goal of reaching 500,000 tons per year.


SAINSOL ENERGIA has positioned itself as one of the leading companies in self-consumption at national level, developing an indirect, specialized, capillary and efficient sales channel, executing both domestic and industrial photovoltaic self-consumption projects.

HISPANA is a national reference in designing, carrying out and maintaining large projects and complex installations of air conditioning, heating, ventilation, electricity, plumbing, fire protection and fuels, with special attention to solar energy, aerothermal and geothermal energy.

Gr4pt has been designing, building, maintaining and renovating gas infrastructures for more than twenty years for distribution companies and other industrial clients in Portugal.