Construction is a sector closely linked to real estate development and one of Urbas’ main areas of diversification. We have considerably increased our business perimeter with a very active acquisition policy towards areas and companies that generate synergies with its traditional real estate development activity, with important execution portfolios and great projection within URBAS. With this formula of inorganic growth, we have exponentially strengthened our Construction business line and maintain a very competitive position in the national and international markets with an aggregate portfolio of almost 1,170 million euros.

We are specialists in all areas of engineering and construction: (civil works, residential and non-residential building, industrial, energy, concession projects and PPP-Public-Private Participation Projects).

Murias’ main area of action is the Basque Autonomous Community, Navarre and the Community of Madrid, with a growing projection at the national level and a great interest in the international niche. The company has extensive experience in the construction of shopping centers, parking lots, civil works and residential building.

Joca is a Spanish engineering and construction group with different business lines and presence in Spain, Portugal, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. It has extensive experience in the sectors of civil works, integral water cycle, residential and industrial buildings, gas infrastructures, operation and maintenance of infrastructures. Also in railway superstructure (through Intervías); water, wastewater treatment plants and photovoltaic parks (Saconsa), and gas infrastructures in Portugal (GR4PT).

Urbanizations, schools, hospitals, hotels or housing developments are some of the actions carried out by Ecisa in the field of building. At the same time, civil works is one of its specializations, with railway, hydraulic, road and urban infrastructure projects. At the national and international level, its experience in the construction of large towers stands out.

Urrutia is one of the leading companies in the building sector in the Basque Country. Its main activity covers both residential and non-residential building, urbanization and real estate development. In addition to all this, it also provides maintenance and rehabilitation of buildings, as well as collaboration with Public Administrations through public-private financing.