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URBAS to grow in Panama by 2022 with projects worth more than 100 milliom euro

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URBAS is currently executing works globally worth 511 million euros, almost 30% of which is outside Spain. Latin America accounts for 65% of its international portfolio with significant projects underway in Panama, Colombia and Bolivia. In addition to LATAM, URBAS is also very competitively positioned in Portugal, Algeria and the United Arab Emirates.

Urbas signs strategic agreement with Care Property Invest to develop ‘turnkey’ care homes with a potential value of 140 million euros

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URBAS enters and diversifies its activity in the segment of residences for the elderly, one of the assets with the greatest long-term growth potential in Spain. It will be responsible for the real estate development of the projects through the acquisition of the land, the construction and the complete execution of the turnkey projects that will be acquired by CPI through an additional agreement for their subsequent commissioning.

Urbas acquires ‘Alandulus’ and increases its position in the build-to-rent market with more than 1,100 homes and estimated revenues of 200 million euros

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URBAS thus improves the forecasts detailed in its Business Plan for build-to-rent housing by 45%. The company is is currently negotiating with several investment funds specialising in rental housing the sale of 50% of its total build-to-rent portfolio for a value of more than 100 million euros.

Urrutia, Urbas’ construction company, builds the tallest residential building in the Basque Country with a contract worth 36 million euros

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The growth in the Garellano area, one of the areas of Bilbao that has undergone the greatest renovation in the new urban redevelopment of the city.

Urbas takes off with its 2021-2024 Business Plan.

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The growth in turnover, the improvement in operating margin and a greater generation of free cash flow forecast the upward projection of URBAS, which is now in a solid position to drive forward its Business Plan. By 2025, it expects to reach a capitalisation of more than 2,000 million euros, more than 1,000 million euros in turnover and an EBITDA of almost 150 million euros.

Quamtium Venture and Qatar’s Al Alfia holding company agree to syndicate shares for 25.6% of URBAS

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Quamtium Venture indirectly holds 20.77% of the capital of URBAS and is controlled by its Chairman, Juan Antonio Acedo. Al Alfia Holding, owned by the Qatari royal family, took a significant stake in URBAS (4.85%) after the purchase of Ecisa.

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