The Code of Ethics and Conduct approved by the Board of Directors of URBAS GRUPO FINANCIERO S.A. comes from the company’s need for ethical and responsible management to ensure its sustainability and profitability in the long term.

During our company’s history, we have become a benchmark in the market. This fact, together with the activity’s size reached, the number of jobs generated, the diversification of our activity, and the expansion into new geographical areas, have made us reflect on the advisability of preparing a document that includes our principles and values to serve as guidance for all the professionals conforming GRUPO URBAS.

The Code of Ethics of URBAS GRUPO FINANCIERO S.A., aims to establish ethical principles that guide the behavior of all people who work in the company and provide guidelines for general behaviors that help to comply with these principles. This Code of Ethics affects our entire activity and contains fundamental principles of action that inspire the internal rules and procedures of the organization and, at the same time, aims to conform to current legislation, the principles of business ethics, as well as corporate social responsibility. It applies to all employees from all areas, suppliers, business partners and subcontractors with whom we work.

The Governing Body has the firm conviction to support all employees and third parties related to URBAS GRUPO FINANCIERO S.A. and at the same time asks for your commitment and collaboration in the application of the values that make up this Code of Conduct. For this reason, together with this Code of Ethics and Conduct, a Complaint Channel has been created so that any employee, collaborator, or client can report any potential misconduct or situation contravening this Code.

The Complaint Channel is, by its nature, public and accessible to any user related to the company to which the channel belongs. For this reason, no identifier is required in your access.